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Mindfulness for Busy People!

Who is the programme for?

This  programme helps those living with stress and anxiety, whether day-to-day events, pain or illness, difficult life events, or, perhaps most typically, a combination of factors. It helps us work with their effects.

What does the programme offer?

A systematic training in mindfulness – a combination of ancient Buddhist practice and the modern scientific approaches to mindfulness – learning how to cultivate an observant, accepting and compassionate attitude towards your thoughts, emotional states, body sensations and impulses.We also provide information about stress, stressors and their effects, cognitive behavioural strategies, interpersonal communication and the implementation of  self-care.


What does the Program involve?

A series of 4 week  blocks to help you build a portfolio of practices that you can use in your everyday lives and formal meditation sessions.   There are 4 sessions in each block. Each session lasts 1.5 hours. You can attend/pay on a single session basis or for each 4 week block. You can begin at any time within any 4 week block. There are 12 four week blocks in the Mindfulness for Busy People Series. The programme is ongoing, week to week with a break for the the summer sessions.

Please note: These practices are different from but complement those learnt within an MBSR curriculum.

What does Programme comprise?

Mindfulness meditation training and practice, mindful movement and body awareness training, an exploration of patterns of thinking, feeling and action, brief explanations and group discussions that include inquiry during the sessions with individual feedback and support via e mail, telephone, skype, viber etc. if required.


We encourage participants to practice at least 20 minutes daily formally using the practices taught during the sessions and to integrate the practices in an informal way within daily activities.

The emphasis is on understanding how to transform your life into a more enjoyable and rewarding experience by learning to see your life in a different light.

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