Our  courses are designed to help you discover and develop new ways of working with difficult physical sensations, feelings, moods or impulses.

Research has shown that they help in reducing stress and chronic unhappiness (depression) and with the impulses that cause relapse.

The skill you learn is mindfulness or how to pay attention, purposely, without self criticism or judgement, to what is happening right now, in your body, in your mind and around you.Through developing Mindfulness skills and developing an ability to see things differently you may release tension and physical and mental blockages that can lead to an increase in well-being.

Mindfulles in Dundee

People completing our  courses say they have experienced long-term benefits like:

  • A  greater sense of well-being
  • Are more optimistic
  • Are more energetic
  • More relaxed
  • And an increased ability to manage stressful situations.

Mindfulles in DundeeCourse Options

  • Wednesday evening courses consist of eight 2 hour weekly sessions.

these run every …..October – November ……February – March  ….May –  June 

  • Weekend Sessions over 2 weekends, 1 month apart 

consists of two 4 session blocks, 2 x 2 hour sessions daily. To be announced                                                                                                                                                                                

A maximum of 25 are accepted for each course, during which you work together as a group, learn core mindfulness practices and have the opportunity to discuss your experience of them.  Please note……the between session home practice is an important part of the course. We expect you to undertake 40 to 60 minutes practice on six days out of seven.

Mindfulles in Dundee


The course costs £200 which includes taught sessions, silent retreat morning/all-day session, audio downloads for home practice and a download of the CAMR workbook.

We offer Concessionary rates: Course fee of £150 for those in full-time education or in receipt of benefits (proof required).

To benefit from this offer please call us or call in to the Nilupul centre.

Mindfulles in Dundee